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This week I received the terribly sad news that Geordie had crossed the Rainbow bridge. Today, 30th October, would have been his 14th birthday. So let's celebrate the big lads life!

Because that's what Geordie did, he enjoyed life! He loved it! He loved going out, he loved sleeping, he loved treats and food and he loved doing dog stuff! No matter what the Big Lad did, he always had a waggy tail for me.

He drove me made though, because Geordie was a secret escape artist! I learned my lesson the hard way that if I let him off lead he would casually walk (and I do mean walk, there was no running involved!) away. And he could do his walk away in a very sneaky speedily fashion.

I looked after Geordie for 5 years (I think - Covid time has messed up any time scales!) and there was never a dull moment with the Big lad. My favourite story however was one of times he did a sneaky escape!

He had been happily trundling along beside me, the other dogs were all running around, having fun. I went to turn along the path and Geordie was gone! I called to him, shouted his name in all directions, retraced my steps, no sign of him. The other dogs were even looking. Geordie was nowhere in sight.

I decided to move along the original path I was about to turn along when he did his vanishing act. The path was at the top of a little hill and running along at the bottom was a stream. I walked along, still calling his name, the other dogs still looking too. As I went along, I could hear a funny swooshing noise. I followed the noise to the deepest part of the stream knowing from experience it was potentially Geordie. I was right. There in the water, playing happily on his own, was Geordie. He was stood body deep in the stream doing snow ploughs! Back and forth he was going: whoosh one way, whoosh the other way, his tail wagging all the time. I called his again and he looked up and I swear he was smiling!

You see that was it with Geordie, he wasn't a flight risk as such, he just wanted to experience everything! And if you couldn't take him to do it, he'd go himself.

Geordie was a big lovely typical Labrador who I will miss tremendously. But he will always have a home in my heart and I do hope he will walk with me forever.

Georgia x

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