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Willow is a cavalier cross. She isnt the oldest dog, but she is the longest serving member of the pack. In the home, Willow loves nothing better than eating food and snuggling up on the sofa. Out of the house she is a different dog! Since 2010, her and her human Ceinwyn, have been doing agility and in March 2020 competed at Crufts in the Young Kennel Club Pairs finals.

Dog Pack.jpg


We call her Barney for short, so she often gets confused for being a boy. Shes a farm bred collie with energy to match. Playing ball is her most favourite activity in the world and would happily do it all day. Barney, along with Willow, attends agility classes where she very enthusistically attacks each apparatus.  Shes inquisitive, very playful, gentle with other dogs and despite her energy when out of the house, loves a good snuggle. 

Dog Pack.jpg


Cosmo is a Shihtzu and lives up to his breeds reputation. He is loyal and loving, and will always be found in the comfiest spot in the house.

We rescued Comso after we found him walking up our street. He was a mess; his fur was so matted he had to be sedated to remove it. Though he's classed as an old man in dog years, he certainly does not show it when he bunny hops on the beach.

Oh, and he is a champion snorer!

Dog Pack.jpg


Indie is our Golden Retriever who has come a long way having been rescued from a Bosnian puppy farm where she lived the first 18 months of her life tied up in a basement. Becuase of this, Indie has specialised dietry needs and has high anxiety issues.

Goldies though are a happy go lucky breed and Indie is no exception. She loves life and her very favourite things to do are giving hugs and rolling and tumbling in the grass. You will often find photos and videos of her on our social media pages demonstrating her acrobatics and comando rolls.




Ren is the newest member of our Dog lodge family. Born on 30th September 2022, she will be a puppy for quite some time yet.

Ren is a Kooikerhondje, a working breed from The Netherlands and whilst they are newish to the UK, they have been around for quite sometime and were very popular in the 17th and 18th centuries. 

She is quite a character who has to get to know you first. Once she does she is your friend for life. 

We have big adventures planned for this lovely little girl. 

And you can follow her in my Puppy Diaries on my Dog Blog.

Dog Pack.jpg


The honorary lodger. Tilly is Willow's sister (although from looks its not obvious) and technically doesn't live with us at the lodge. But can often be found taking part in lodge activities. Whilst she is similar to her sister and loves a good snuggle, agilty isnt her thing.



Simba is a chinchilla. He is curious and cheeky, but he is very gentle and loving. He is very clever and knows his own name. Simba does occasionally have a strop and throws things round his mansion of a home if he feels like he isn't getting his own way. 



Timon is our little girl chinchilla. She lives seperately to Simba in her own palace. Timon doesnt throw things, just herself. She is very acrobatic.


our girls

We have kept hens for over 10 years and we like to keep a mixture of ex battery and local farm bred chickens. They have a nice big run and coop to live in and regularly have access to the garden for sunbathing, dustbaths and provide a pest control service.


andy and murray

The boys came to us when Andy Murray won Wimbledon so it was only appropriate to name them after him. Although for the first few years we were convinced they were girls! 



Toothless is our axolotl, also known as a Mexican walking fish. But Toothless is not a fish at all. She is an amphibian salamander. Though she may look very peculiar she fits right in at the dog lodge and causes quite a stir with visitors when she looms out of the darkness and watches them through the glass of her tank. 



Orinoco as you can tell is a tortoise. He is a very young Horsfield's tortoise. We say HE but we wont actually know for a while whether he is a boy or a girl. But we think he's a boy. 

Orinoco is named after a Womble and the plan is he will be the children's inheritance. 


Summer & Autumn

Summer and Autumn are our Lionhead bunnies. They live in their large house and run, with a balcony, and pretty much live a life of luxury being waited on hand and foot. 



We have saved the best until last.

Guy is our house bunny and lives on the second floor having full range of the rooms and another set of stairs. He rules the roost and can often be found dancing around one of the human inhabitants when they encroach on his territory. 

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