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A puppy, no matter the breed or size, requires the best start in life. The best start in life to me means providing the individual puppy with what they need, what they need as a breed, helps their brain grow and develop, and helps their body grow and become strong. And very importantly, they do not end up in a rescue or even worse, being put to sleep for bad behaviour or aggression.


I want to help put a stop to dogs ending up being passed from one owner to another, living a half-life, being dumped in rescues or being euthanised, by providing guidance from the very beginning so that the puppy and their family have the best life. Because after all who doesn’t want to have the best life when they own a dog?


When the puppy first arrives everyone and everything is so exciting for human and animal. Before we know it though it can become very hard taking care of the new little family member. We become tired and distracted and confused.


I am here to help with my Puppy Guidance service. It can begin even before a puppy or breed has even been chosen. I will guide you through the process all the way to living with your puppy.


I am here to assist you with

  • Choosing the right breed for you, your home and lifestyle

  • How to find your new puppy and what to ask

  • What to do before puppy comes home in order to be prepared

  • What happens when you bring your new puppy home

  • Moving forward with choices such as food, training, vets etc

  • Behaviour issues and guidance to the correct puppy classes and socialisation

  • Ironing out behaviour issues and trouble shooting  

  • Assistance with your puppy up to 12 months old


I believe that the best beginning sets them up to the best dogs we need them to be. I see too many dogs with issues and problems and I think if only they had more understanding at the start, then they wouldn’t be where they are now. Often it is not done out of cruelty just a lack of information and guidance. It is hard looking after a puppy, and sometimes it comes as a huge shock!


Dogs are truly incredible creatures who want to please us and be our best companions.


Let me be your guide with your new puppy.

First Initial Guidance Session


Either in person, via the phone, or facetime. This will include me being on hand to answer questions and give help and assistance via text and email, for the first 4 weeks when puppy arrives along with information leaflets specific to the puppy and pet carers needs. This session can take place at any point in your puppy journey.  


£55 per 1.5 hours

Follow this link to book:


Follow up sessions.


In person, via the phone or facetime. These sessions are to provide continual support and can be booked in any time up to the puppy is 12 months old.


£20 per hour (these sessions can be booked once an initial guidance session has been completed)


One Off Guidance Sessions

In person, via the phone or facetime. This session can take place at any point in your puppy journey.

£35 per hour


Booking can be made via the links or if you prefer please contact me for more details via email or phone

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