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I first met her when she was a puppy and she was so laid back I thought she might fall over! She was so chill.

Bella was the only dog I have ever had in my care who would get in the car and fall asleep instantly! That was after her assuming I would lift her into the car – I would open the door, I’d say come on, get in. She would just about make the effort to put her paws on the edge of the seat, then she would casually look round at me as if to say, ‘come on then, lift me in’.

I would take her on walks and she pretty much get any with every dog I took care of. They just excepted her.

Apart from the day she pushed her luck with Mollie collie; they were playing and playing, then Mollie decided she wanted to stop but Bella didn’t want to. So, Bella poked Mollie a couple more times, till Mollie basically went ‘RIGHT!’ Then I had to say ‘RIGHT!’ and the pair of them stopped, looked at me, then each other. If they could have spoken they would have said ‘ooooh she’s mad now! We best be good’ and they were, they were a pair of angels!

If Bella had her lead on she would take ages to get to where we was walking to be let off lead. Anyone would think there was something wrong with her. But no. She just didn’t like being on lead. Once off lead she would run and bounce and skip about. Her recall was great so I didn’t need to worry about her. Bella always came back. She just hated being on lead!


Just a couple of days before Christmas day 2023, I received the very sad news that Bella Bull terrier had very unexpectedly died. I was devastated to hear this news; Bella was only 4.

It has taken me all this time to put something together regarding Bella. I know what I have wrote is short and simple, but she made a huge impression on us all at the dog lodge, and I have found it difficult to come to terms that she has died. I also don’t I can do her justice, she was a cheeky, chilled, giddy, loving dog.

Bella was adored by all her family. 4 years was nowhere near long enough with her for them but she packed a lot in to those years and was a huge part of the close and extended family. I know they will carry her in their hearts for ever, and I know I will do too.

As you can see , she always brought the blue sky with her x


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