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Goodbye 2023, Hello 2024....

So here we are on 31st December 2023. And what a year it has been! Where has the year gone? Seriously, where has it gone? It has whizzed by so fast that I am not sure I can remember much of it.

It’s been an incredibly tough year for us here at the Dog Lodge. Lots of changes, very unexpected and unpleasant challenges and it has not been kind. Before I focus on the good (I want to remember the year for what good did happen and the acceptance and understanding we did find), I want to acknowledge all those who had a rough year too; I know after talking to many people, 2023 has been an all-round rotter for many and I wish you much love for 2024.

So, instead of feeling down and miserable, here’s to the positive things that happen in 2023. Like I said it has been a year of unexpected challenges but that brought with it ideas for change and excited things to come. Despite my best efforts, it will be next year when I can introduce them properly and follow the ideas through. The time though gave me a chance to really think about how I would do them and how to maximise the joy.

The Dog Lodge reached 10 years old! I qualified as pet bereavement counsellor, I finally got my 5 stars for my boarding licence, Ren and me have entered the world of dog shows and we were introduced to new and wonderful clients and their dogs. It has been fabulous learning about these new pets and exploring with them.

Despite the weather and its dreariness, I have seen some amazing and beautiful things whilst out on my walks. And amazingly I have even seen plenty of blue skies, yes I know! Even during the storms. My favourite event and nature related things I saw was the nacreous clouds on the Winter Solstice. It really was the most incredible thing I have ever seen. If I hadn’t been doing the job and running my business I would never have seen it.

I want to say to everyone who gave us such thoughtful and generous gifts for Christmas. The year has been very tight financially for many and the gifts we received were so lovely and people were very kind. Thank you so much.

Before I bid 2023 a ‘fond’ see ya! I need to just mention one little dog before I sign off for 2023; Tilly, Willow’s sister. She went to sleep very peacefully but unexpectedly in March and it was devastating. She was a beautiful girl he brought with her so much love and joy and she will always be carried in our hearts. We think of her every day.

We wish you a huge happy New year and send love and joy and peace for 2024

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