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Introducing : Puppy Guidance

I love puppies. They really are one of the best things about my job. I even love their smell! And no, I am not being odd (though I know many may disagree) they let off a pheromone just like human babies do, leaving us helpless to their power; I always tell people, do not go and see a litter of puppies unless you really are genuine because before you know it you will be bringing one home.

Sadly, they don’t stay puppies for very long and before we know it we have a little monster (or mini-T-Rex as we affectionately call them) on our hands. Chewing, biting, yapping, whining, weeing, and pooping everywhere, ruling the roost, and generally causing havoc. And it is hard!

And that is where I can come in.

I have a service called Puppy Guidance. I can assist anywhere from the first thought of getting a puppy to having your little T-Rex running round your feet. Getting you through the easy and the hard parts of your puppy journey.

I have extensive experience and knowledge of puppy care and development. This has been gained through my own dogs, client’s puppies, and studying throughout the 10 years that I have been running The Cambridge Dog Lodge. And my experience and knowledge covers a wide range of breeds too.

There has been a number of times I have assisted clients when first looking for a puppy and even changed another’s mind about what breed they were choosing.

For instance, a few years ago, a friend called all excited about getting a puppy. They knew what breed they wanted; they just didn’t know where to start. So, I gave her a list of questions to ask and observations to make from the responses the breeders gave. I insisted she contact at least two breeders first and not to go and see them without asking all the questions first. She followed my steps and found the perfect puppy for them.

Another client came to tell me how excited they were as they wanted a husky puppy. We then had a very honest conversation with regards to the needs of a husky, what kind of home they require and their personalities. Don’t get me wrong, Husky’s are amazing dogs, but in the wrong home they often lead a very reduced life or end up in rescues. We discussed other breeds, that were more suited to their lifestyle. Eventually a couple of breeds were suggested and the client went away to discuss with their family. It was a corgi they decided to get in the end (on my recommendation). Yes corgis are still in need of exercise, training, and attention, but on a smaller scale to a husky which suited the family much better and of course both breeds have a similar cheeky wolf like expression.

A more common issue I have been asked to help with are those pups who struggle at nighttime. Many new owners find this the most difficult matter to deal with. Sleep is essential both for humans and animals and if we do not get a good night’s sleep, we cannot function efficiently. And if this is a constant occurrence then it becomes a serious problem. I have assisted a number of clients in many different ways in solving this issue. I adapt and assess the situation, the pup, the breed, the home and humans, and help in the best way possible.

I am not just here for those who are really struggling either. I am also here to help reassure you and support you when you get your new puppy. I love to meet families who want to do the very best for their new family member right from the very outset. A fine example of this is a little French Bulldog named Blue. I met him in June when he had been in his new home a few weeks. Blue is a gorgeous little dog who I could tell from the beginning felt very relaxed with his new family. I was called in for advice and suggestions. I soon realised though that they already knew a lot of what to do and how good their intentions were for this little dog. They had already signed up to puppy classes with the Dogs Trust.

I love meeting families like this. It is such a joy to hear people telling me what they want to achieve and how they are going to do it and they want me to assist to do this. It is an absolute pleasure to be part of their journey and will continue to see him and assist with his development. And once he has finished his classes at the Dogs Trust we will be catching up again and moving on to his next step. I will keep you posted.

With this new service I hope to not only help people make the right choices so that they can have the best lives with their dogs, but also to stop so many dogs ending up being passed from one new owner to the next, ending up in rescues or worse still, being put to sleep. As I said at the beginning it is wonderful getting a puppy but it can be very hard. Let me help you to make it easier.

If this is something you or someone you know might need my assistance with please share this blog with them or the page on my website and contact me via email or phone/text.

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