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Best of the week 21st Nov and then some

Hello! here we are at Monday and also the final full week of November 2021. I don't about you but the year seems to have suddenly started to thunder to the end like a train at full speed! I can imagine like us, it has been another funny old year for everyone, with lots of wanted and unwanted change. I do however feel very positive, about the good and the bad to be honest and I am looking forward to the future.

So first of all this week I am sharing the lovely best of photos....

I cant resist putting this one first just because its a gorgeous photo of Remy, but a hilarious photo of Arthur being his usual bonkers self.

Then of course there is the very kind gift from Penny after I was urinated on from a great height!

There's these gorgeous lot with Moschops showing me some headbutting love, Gracie on her first little visit, Millie kissing Ernie, noses from Mollie and Cookie, and a very smiley Bella.

I received my certificate over the weekend to confirm I passed my Level 3 Canine Health & Nutrition Diploma. It was a long 2 and half years of study but I am very proud to say I passed with a Distinction. It was an incredible course which I gained a lot of knowledge from but I am by no means an expert. Canine nutrition and anatomy is actually quite amazing and it has given me a lot of insight and understanding to how our dogs grow and thrive. This is but a stepping stone in my learning, and I am very excited for what I will learn in the future.

Future Posts; in the run up to Christmas I am going to be highlighting one of our dogs each week, a dog that has started this year with the dog lodge. A dog I think has progressed, shown development or just been amazing. Not that all the dogs and other animals we care for are not amazing, just that I would like to highlight what they have done and achieved. As it was Azzy's first birthday over the weekend, I will be starting with her this week.

In other news: please dont forget we have a lovely little shop attached to the website. I have to be honest and I have been a little distracted and I have forgotten too! I have some new items going on this week so please watch out for them.

I will end it there and wish every one a lovely week.

Georgia x

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