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When Ren met Dolly - Puppy Diaries

It has been a really busy couple of weeks and I have not managed to do a blog. I thought it was about time I got back on the blog wagon again and there’s no better way to start than to tell you about the lovely walk we had on Monday.

Id arranged a walk with my gorgeous friend Nicola and her lovely cavapoo Dolly, a couple of weeks ago. We have not seen each other for a little while so it was a pleasure to get together with our 4-legged friends for a walk.

Nicola is the founder of the charity Reubens Retreat. The charity supports families of complexly poorly children along with families of child loss. You can learn more about the charity here. You will find the links to the charity to learn more at the bottom of this blog.

The very lovely Dolly is a Therapy Dog in Training. And I can certainly see why they want her to do such a worthy job. She is a gentle little dog who is very clever and whilst she gets giddy, as she did on our walk, she is patient and is eager to please. Nicola and I said we would meet up so that she could have some fun play time and socialisation with two of mine. Gave us an excuse really to have a good natter.

Dolly and my girls, Ren and Willow, haven’t met before so Dolly and Ren were a little anxious. Willow is 10 and is pretty bomb proof. But that was ok because they gave each other space, didn’t get into each other’s faces and before long they were running along happily together. Dolly liked Willow the best because she is more confident. Willow likes to explore more than Ren does still so not far into the walk Dolly was barking to Willow to come this way and that way, showing her all the exciting things, she does on her walks.

Ren wasn’t sure about the area and was very good off lead, coming back both when I called her and when she wasn’t sure about something, coming to me for reassurance. There was pheasants around and sheep, and they didn’t bother the pheasants (they made the dogs jump!) and they went back on lead when there was sheep around.

I did say it was a walk, but it was a hike! It was up the hills in Hollingworth, through fields and onto the moor. The views were spectacular and so lucky to be only a few minutes from home. The dogs (and us of course too) were in their element. It was a joy to get up there and it was even sunny for some of it. Breathing in all the fresh air, spending time with a friend and watching the dogs make new friends. We’ve already booked in another date.

Below you will find links to Reubens Retreat and Dolly's instagram page

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