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What a week! 14.01.2021

This week has been quite a struggle. My week started with a message telling us the holiday we booked for July to Italy was cancelled. We thought it may happen but it was still so disappointing. We were holding onto the hope we could still go until we knew otherwise, but we didn't expect to hear in January. It set the tone for the week then. To say I was grumpy was an understatement.

Lets talk about the weather. Yes, I know its January, its winter, this is my eighth one, I should know better by now. But no, I was cold and miserable. My hands especially suffered. Its a good job I am very use to wearing a mask now, but as you can see my glasses still steam up! Here I am with my new scarf plus a normal scarf on, I really was that cold. Ernie knew how to cheer me up though and became an extra scarf on my shoulder. And I have ordered some new gloves which I do hope will do the job suitably. They are a bit unusual so watch this space.

It did however bring some excellent photo opportunities. In particularly, the fog.

There was of course a huge lovely moment on Tuesday when we had the graphics put on the carvan. I do really really love it. Each time I go to it I am like 'oh, now look at that!' It looks very special. I love the dog on the side so much! It was as if I got my friend back. Do wave to me if you see me about.

I have been learning more about social media marketing. I signed up for a course but this week especially wasn't the right time for me to study and it just wasn't going in. I have put it to one side for the time being, and in the mean time venturing into see what else I can do on Facebook, Twitter and even Tiktok! Lets just say I have a lot to learn but I wont be TikTok famous any time soon. Ill be going back to the social media marketing course before too long.

Another lovely moment was when these two first met on Friday; It was love at first sight for Betty and Oakley.

I cant really tell you properly what was wrong with me this week. I can only assume its Lockdown anxiety and what is associated with it that has truly taken hold. The worry of when will this end, how will it effect us all, when will we get the vaccine, when will we see friends and family, when will we go somewhere else, how will my children do at school? Whilst all the time our pets think they are just living their best lives ever!

So here is to the start of a new week. I am hoping it contains much more positivity than last week and the weather isn't quite so cold.

Take care everyone and stay safe

Georgia x


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