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We went on a cruise - puppy diaries

Ok, before I continue I want to point out this will be a very photo heavy post because these two are so photogenic and we had fun! And I want to share the views. Also, that me and Vicky had stated only a few days before we would NEVER go on a cruise. But then we went on one. Ok, it's not a cruise cruise, but it was still a cruise.

We needed another adventure to go on with the puppies and low and behold there was canal boat trips being advertised for the school holidays that were dog friendly. We knew straight away that this was our next adventure.

We booked it hoping the weather would be nice, not knowing whether it was inside or out, but as the day got closer and the weather was getting worse (a yellow weather warning was issued!) we really thought it would be cancelled. Thankfully it wasn't. And it was an inside journey. Phew!

The pups weren't sure about going down the little ladder (to be fair neither was I) but they were both very eager to get on and go on their cruise! There was quite a few people, big and small, who were on the canal boat with us too.

Ren was happy providing she could see out the window - she likes to see where she is going. Chester was happy to see the other people, Ren and just enjoying everything.

The views were interesting, and I mean that sincerely. I love the canal and the old mills. The contrast of the water, the countryside and the mills is one of my favourite things.


Seeing a sofa on the side was both disappointing and really impressive - how on earth did it get there??

Ren's face says it all.

After our cruise, we took them for a walk. Really we should have done it the other way round. Both Ren and Chester were desperate to play, and Chester especially had energy he wanted to use playing with his bestie before he went on the boat adventure.

These two needed to let off some steam before the activity and lesson learned! We walk them first and don't rush them. They still enjoyed it very much but they would have loved it even more if we had walked them first. Sadly we were pushed for time. We - me and Vicky - of course enjoyed it. Time on the canal, on our mini cruise with our little besties.

check out Portland Basin in Ashton for more activities

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