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We all know losing a pet is hard. It is a huge loss especially when they are integral part of the family. It does not have to be a dog or cat, it can be something smaller such as a hamster or a bird, a reptile or a fish.

All our pets play important roles in our every day lives, and it is not until we lose them, that we feel the space they leave behind.

I remember after our old Golden Retriever, PoppyW died, I would take a huge step into the kitchen like I was stepping over an invisible wall. Or I would stand at an angle whilst cooking, my feet further away from the oven, I’d lean forward. why did I do this? Why was I exhibiting such peculiar behaviour? Because for the previous 14 years I had a very large dog in these two positions every single day.

Poppy would lie at the kitchen door and would not move so I would have to step a giant step over her, often done without even thinking. Or when we cooked she would lie along the bottom of the oven, keeping warm and catching food which meant I could not stand close to it. Two very small examples of how her actions, such simple actions, made a huge impact on us every single day. There was many many more that we did not realise we did till she was gone. Poppy’s actions were part of our family routines, and without her there to guide us, our routines fell apart for a little while. These small things she did, changed our actions. We see them every single day; we don't see people that often.

Every year on her anniversary, we still feel the heaviness of her loss. Nearly 5 years on and we still grieve for our very gorgeous girl Poppy. And you know what? That’s ok. We still shed a tear or feel sad when thinking about her and that’s ok too. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Because they are a huge part of our lives. They get under our skin to a point where we feel we can’t breathe without them! There are many things I can tell you about Poppy, how she affected us, what she did, stories to tell. She left a hole in our family. I am positive there are many others out there who feel exactly the same about their pets too. So, I am telling you it is ok to grieve for them when they die. We need to grieve in honour of them and we should never be embarrassed or ashamed because it is an animal and not a person, these animals often give more and impact our lives far more than other humans can.

And if you want to remember them each year on their anniversary or their birthday, talk about them, post on social media about them, you go ahead and do it. Those animals were important to you and gave you love.

I saw this image today as I was typing up my blog and thought it was just perfect and had to share too.

If you need any help with the loss of your pet, big or small, recent or some time ago, and you are finding it hard, please get in touch with me and we can arrange a chat. It will always be in a confidential space for you to talk freely and safely, absolutely no judgment.

Give your gorgeous animals a hug from me x

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