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And that's week number 1 done! - best of the week 08.01.21

Well, what a year this week has been! (I know, I am sorry, I couldn't resist). But it really has been a full on first week of the year.

It started off not feeling like the new year at all really. I spoke to a few people about it, and they all agreed that it most certainly did not feel like January. The cold certainly came in like January weather - my fingers this week suffered the bitter wind and minus temperatures - but there was no sense of new year/new me promises anywhere about.

Before the week had a chance to even start, the Prime minister made his announcement for Lockdown 3. Despite expecting this, we were still in shock. I found I was rather lost. Its a new year, are we not supposed to be full of hope even if we are still in the midst of a pandemic? But instead it felt like more of the same; uncertainty. Even when we were told the children would be returning back to school (despite everyone realising this was just silly and possibly dangerous) I for one saw that that at least we could be certain of. But it wasn't to be, and I am grateful that our children(along with so many others) have adapted very well and learning to learn in a way no others have had to do before.

Thankfully we are still able to work and continue with our business, but we must be very careful. We are wearing masks, washing our hands, following strict health and safety guidelines, limiting our visits to the shops and our children are studying at home, to ensure we do not pick the virus up. This not only protects our families, but also protects our owners too. With this in mind please inform us immediately if you have to self isolate or have a positive covid test in your household. By telling us ASAP we can then make an informed decision. We protect you, please protect us.

We did have a new starter this week; the lovely Rosie the American Bully. Rosie is a love but gets a bit giddy round other dogs, so is currently on 121 walks. She is only 6 months old though and still a puppy; me and her are learning each others behaviour. I really don't think it will be long before Rosie is out and about with a new dog buddy.

That's one week of 2021 down, only 50 more weeks to Christmas....

Take care everyone and hope you have a positive week.

Georgia x

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