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Who knew blue and orange went so well together?

So after much deliberation, I finally took the plunge and had the new carvan signed up and graphics put on. No longer am I driving round incognito.

After losing the van back in October so suddenly, I was devastated for quite some time. The van was an integral part of the business and when I had to say goodbye to it so unexpectedly, I really felt quite lost. I know it was a piece of mental, an inanimate object, but I grieved. It was my image and the front I could hide behind. I felt professional and confident when I used it, and despite being a rather shy person, I enjoyed being seen and noticed in it.

Once my van was gone I soon got asked 'Where's the van?' Id explain. The response would be 'Aw, I loved your van'. So did I. You see we had travelled all over in that van. It had been all the way to Cornwall, and all the way to Edinburgh. It had taken us to agility shows, and helped friends move. We had been on many adventures. But it was time to move on, whether I wanted to or not.

I wasn't quite sure at first about the new carvan. I was a reluctant new car owner, and when people asked how it was I'd reply 'it's alright'. The dogs immediately loved it though so that was quite positive. I had decided I wasn't going to get it signed up, but then all of a sudden just before Christmas I had an epiphany so to speak and thought I would get it done after all!

I got in touch with Elvir at CEE Graphics in Denton and booked in. I had had my last two vehicles graphics and designed done by Elvir and his team, so I knew everything would be ok. But I didn't realise just how much I would love it!

I went this afternoon to pick up my newly designed van and I could have cried! It just looked amazing! Its a simple look but it works so well. The blue now looks like a super blue and the dog logo is clean and fresh and bright. Of course, there had to be orange on there which plays a lovely homage to my old van.

I'll be very proud to be driving round tomorrow in the carvan. If you see me, do give me a wave.

A big thank you again to Elvir at CEE Graphics. I do just love it.

And thank you to Otis for posing for me.

Stay safe everyone

Georgia x

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