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To Glossop on the train - Puppy Diaries

Last week we took a little trip to Glossop on the train. Its only a few stops so we thought we would go there first - we hope to build up to a trip on the train to Southport with them both in the summer. Ren climbed straight on but Chester, whilst initially eager, realised that gap was huge! So he had a little help.

There was absolutely no need to worry, the pair of them had train legs immediately!

Ren having a little look out of the window - she likes to see out where we are going.

Once off the train, we headed down the high street. We went in the shops we were allowed in. This one is the RSPCA so it felt rude not to.

Chester stopped and stayed outside of every butchers!

Ren patiently waiting for Chester at the butchers.

Then we made our way to Pets at Home.

Chester wanted treats and Ren wanted a goldfish.

Chester got lots of lovely attention in there. Ren observed.

Then back up the high street for a coffee and a cake at Costa.

The pups were very patient and even had a little bit of cake.

Just waiting for the train home.

These trips out are perfect for the pups. They get to go places they may not normally, on transport they have not seen, and meet people, smell new smells, and go on adventures. All these help their brains develop and makes them confident well socialised little animals. You may think when will they go on a train, or a bus, but that doesn't matter, its all about the experience and building their confidence and skills. I would recommend doing this to everyone who has a young or new dog. Plus it gets you out and about too.

As you can see, it was a very successful trip, with the pair of them so relaxed they had a little nap on the way home.

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