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Pet Bereavement Counselling

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

This year sees 10 years of the Cambridge Dog Lodge. As part of this anniversary I am introducing new services. Over the next few weeks I will be updating my website and releasing further information through my blogs. This week is all about my Pet bereavement counselling service.

Back in 2021, I decided to do an Advanced Diploma Pet Bereavement course. This week I completed it. It was not easy as it could be very emotional at times, but it was every minute I spent on it and I am proud to say this is now a service I offer.

Losing a pet, what ever the animal, dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, tortoise, horse, is a very traumatic experience. For most of us we invite these animals to join us in our lives for companionship. No matter how long or short their lives are, they make a big impact and when they die, they leave a big hole.

But how many of you have been told 'but its just a dog' or 'I don't know why you are so upset, it's not like a human has died' or 'you can get another'. These kind of responses are not meant to hurt us, they are not said out of hate or nastiness. They are said because that person just doesn't understand the loss and sadness we feel when a pet dies.

Sadly though those comments and the culture around us, have us believe that its not ok to grieve for our pets.

But it very much is ok. We have lost a companion, a family member who has seen us through the worse of times or been there for the happiest of times. These pets are in all those memories, embedded deep in our minds and hearts. And I know we feel the loss of them immensely.

Just this week I was talking to my friend about when we did some running together - I don't jog any more, never mind running! She went on to run marathons! We were trying to work out when we started, and how old the dogs were at the time because they came with us. They were there, joining in our activity. Then there is when Ben asked me to marry him. Guess who was there? Our old dog Holly. It was her first time off lead and we couldn't get her back! Now you will see my puppy blogs taking Ren on adventures, going to new places and experiences, she is right there in the middle of those times.

We don't just grieve the animals who die, we grieve due to the sadness we feel remembering all the times we had with that animal. They give us so much and when they are gone, so much sadness is left behind.

I am here to help a pet carer and offer a tailored service for those who are about to go through a pet bereavement or have experienced the death of a pet. Either in person, via the phone or zoom/facetime, I am here to help. In a safe space with complete confidentiality, a pet carer of any age, can talk to me for help to live through the loss of their beloved companion.

Experiencing grief can be a very lonely and isolating time and I don't anyone to feel like that when they lose their pet.

Please check out my website for more details.

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