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Big Walks

This years sees 10 years of the Cambridge Dog Lodge. As part of the anniversary I am introducing new services. Last week was my Pet Bereavement Counselling, this week is all about BIG WALKS.

What are BIG WALKS I hear you say? Well, just that! For a while now I have intended to introduce this where we go somewhere a little further a field, and we stay out for longer. We do some lovely walks on 30 minutes and 1 hour walks, but it is nice to change the scenery up a bit, not just for me, but for the dogs too.

All the new smells, textures, sights and sounds, are all really good for the dogs well being. Gets their senses going and their brains more active. Tires them out too! Winner!

I have spoken about this to a number of owners in the past but it never seemed liked the right time to launch it. Well, I thought I would stop messing around and get one booked in.

The plan is that we will go on big walks around the reservoirs in the Pennines, local National Trust destinations, up to the Trig Points, and of course, a beach trip. It will be a maximum of 4 dogs per trip but don't worry, any dog that is able to will be able to go on at least one of these so if they don't get to go first time round, they will the next one.

The idea for this first came about during Covid when Ben was taking Morgan and Barney out on walks to help with exercise, mental well being and joy really. As you can see here Morgan and his dog. So it has been in the planning for a while, I just thought it time we started them.

The walk will cost £25 per dog and this is open only to current clients, which means all the dogs will know each other very well. I am going to do them both week days and the weekends, and it may be morning or afternoon. If the weather gets very warm again I will do them early in the day.

I will advertise them with plenty of notice and the first one will take place in March - I just have to look at the days available. I am hoping to do two a month at least and the first couple will be advertised soon.

Keep a look out for this soon!

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1 Comment

Feb 27, 2023

Ace idea! Doggy day trips

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