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As we come to the end of 2021 I wanted to share with you some of my experiences with a couple of the new dogs who started this year. As Azzy turned 1 at the end of November, I thought it only appropriate I started with her.

Way back in January this year I got a call regarding a new puppy. I am now very ashamed to say I thought 'uh oh' when the new client informed me the breed was a boxer. Boxers are known to be fun loving but rather bonkers and from experience of taking care of a number of them (7 of them to be exact!), a puppy boxer, whilst incredibly cute and adorable, would probably be hard work. I love a good challenge, but after the previous 12 months I wasn't sure I was up for the task.

But from the moment I met Azzy and her family (Jake and Leigh) I could tell this wasn't going to be no ordinary experience. It was very clear from the outset this family had very good intentions of how they were going to care for Azzy and how they wanted to ensure she had good dog manners. They wanted to make sure she had good socialisation, training and experience. But still I was a little doubtful as many people start so positively when they get a new pup or dog, and sadly are unable to keep up the momentum.

Boy! Was I wrong.

Throughout the last 10 months Azzy and her family have proven me wrong again and again, demonstrating to me just how serious they were with their intentions, providing the best life for Azzy with training and experience. They have trained her, socialised her, taken her camping, visited friends houses, ensured Azzy understood she was to show good manners to other animals and people too, as well as her coming to us for walks and daycare. What I see is not only did they want the best for Azzy but for Azzy to be the best for everyone else too.

There is no doubt that Azzy retains her boxer bonkers madness with all the excitement and joy, but she has excellent recall, great listening skills, understanding her boundaries and lots and lots of love.

Azzy is an amazing example of what we can achieve when we do research on the breed, commit to constant and adaptable training, give the new dog or pup lots of love and patience, socialise them and give them a little bit of every experience from early on.

I asked her family to share with us what they planned when they chose her and how its going...

'We wanted a dog that would fit into our active lifestyle and be accepted by our friends and their dogs.

Exposure to everything life has to throw at her as well as going to Georgia from around 11 weeks, has allowed her to be socially aware in our exploits. Something not many humans can claim to be, let alone a 1 year old nutty boxer.

Usually a dog will choose one owner however Azzy shares the love equally between us. If she is affectionate to one of us one night, she will move to the other person the next night.'

Leigh & Jake

I am so glad I didn't say no back in January. I would have missed out on getting to know a very gorgeous and loving young boxer and family, creating very special memories with her and I would have lost the chance of playing a role in her life which has meant Azzy taught me many things too. Azzy is a joy to have as part of our Dog Lodge family.

As you can see from the above photos she feels right at home with me and Ben.


Georgia x

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Dec 05, 2021

This is so lovely! Oakley loved Azzy as we can see from the photos 🥰 well done to azzy’s owners, Ben & Georgia xx

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