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The Best of the Week 06.11.20

And quick as a flash we are into November already! A week in!

I am a bit behind doing the best of, this week...I had to say goodbye to the van, and it was emotional. Yes it is only an inanimate object, but I think the van was more dog lodge than anyone else! Lots of memories were made with the van taking us all over the country whether it be for work, for holidays, for agility, for helping friends. I (or rather it) was recognised in the most unlikely of places. Sadly though its time had come and its gone to van heaven. Thank you Orange Van, you were a star.

I've thankfully been able to find another vehicle who's not quite the same as the van; smaller, a different colour, more environmentally friendly, and its more car than van. That was a challenge to get to due to Lockdown. A lovely friend came to my aid and we were able to pick it up last Thursday. I am very grateful I was able to find something so quickly, but I do feel like I am in incognito now. I think it will take some getting used to, the van is a hard act to follow.

Have a great week everyone x

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