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Ren goes to the vets

I have a confession to make; I didn’t take Ren to the vets. I used the excuse that I was working, Ben wasn’t so [he could. But really, I didn’t want to be the one to take her for THAT new experience.

It was naughty of me really. I could have made sure I was there, but I didn’t. I was worried about her being upset and setting off her siren! But you know what she took it in her stride…

We have a bag of all little harnesses and leads so rather than buy her a new one (Ren is already growing very fast) I found a little one that fitted and we fastened her into Ben’s car. It was all very exciting, she hadn’t been in there before. The vets though is only a couple of streets away so they didn’t have to go far.

When Ben got to the vets with Ren there wasn’t any other clients in so they got the waiting room to their selves. This was a nice introduction to the vets, meaning there was little opportunity for her to be overwhelmed when she got there.

It wasn’t long however before Ren was meeting the vet Charlotte to have a little health check, weighing and then before she knew her second lot of jabs! And you know what she didn’t even cry, she didn’t even flinch!

So now she has to wait a week (which will now be Boxing day because it was last Monday 19th when she was at the vets) and she is free to go out and about! During the time we will be practising with her little harness and lead in the mean time in the garden and around the house, getting her used to it.

Maybe it was best that Ben took her. Ben wasn’t worried in the slightest, like me. Ren would have picked up on my anxiety and could have potentially become stressed because of me! Then she would have associated that fear with the vets, all because of me! So there you go, I wasn’t a coward after all and did the right thing. Honest.

Next time in Puppy Diary: Potty Training in the Winter!

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