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Possibly the worse week - 22.01.21

I truly didn't think much could beat the weather from the previous week, but this week was a pretty good competitor. Most days I did feel like I could have very easily just gone home. It was cold and grim and bitter. You really think we would be used to it but no, not this week!

How ever, I did decide to share some lovely news I got a little while ago; we got the award for Three of the Best. I don't know why we haven't shared it sooner but I think for our benefits, was the boost we needed this week. Its hard in the winter to be a dog walker. Yes we are used to it and dress appropriately: layer upon layer, waterproofs and the best boots for the miles and miles we walk each week. But it still gets very hard and exhausting. I think the current situation(as it is with everyone) with COVID-19 and Lockdown really doesn't help currently: its lovely to get out for our job but we do need time to recoup and relax. We are definitely trying our best not to wish the days away to get to spring as quick as possible.

But we did have some sunshine! Yes, I know! We was surprised to and it came on Friday. Yeah! I thought the sun shining over Mottram Cemetery was just beautiful.

Then there was Cookie having a good shake in the sunshine. Bliss.

There was something else that happened this week; Butters, the American Cocker, joined us on daycare this week and he is a gorgeous boy and he certainly made being a dog walking a joy. He is very lovely.

I am trying hold out some hope that this week may not be so cold or wet but sadly I fear it will be. It is after all the final week of January so getting closer to spring. Lets try not to wish our days away and take each day as it comes, but I can't deny I do long for warmer days. Oh well, I am sure they will soon be here.

Before I share the rest of the best of the week I can't resist sharing a photo of Geordie as he looks majestic!

Take care everyone, have a lovely week

Georgia x

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