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Hello March 2022!

I started 2022 with Covid (testing positive officially on New Years Eve). As we all do, I had plans on how I would start the new year, especially after the last few! I wanted to start afresh, get planning for the year ahead and be productive with the business, my family and life in general. Having covid changed all that.

Thankfully, I was ok, but it put me back and those things I wanted to put into action, or activities I wanted to do, were just put to the side. I would say it has taken me till now to get back to some kind of 'normal'.

So here we are, on the eve of the 1st March 2022. I cant quite believe it to be honest. But I feel like I am raring to go. Its going to be a busy few months for us; people going on holiday again, we get to look after all kinds of pets not just dogs, and we are moving house!

Yes that's right, moving house! Not far though and whilst we will have some work to do once we get there, well do our best to keep everything running smoothly and no change, there may just be a few days or so where we physically move. No official date yet but we are hoping it is going to be in the very near future. I will let everyone know as soon as we know.

I will also be giving out our holiday dates very soon. This was one of the things I was going to do once the new year started, but you guest it, Covid changed this. Blooming Covid! Its also put a stop to any of the blogs I had planned too!

Im hoping I am a bit more back on track now, so I am thinking its like the start of the year I never got - March is my new year.

So here's to March and what it holds for us and everyone else.

Georgia x

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