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Back To Work....

I haven’t posted anything on my blog for quite some time. Finally getting some time off gave me some time to think things through and I decided to share it with you.

March was a funny old month. I use the word ‘funny’ very loosely, so I don’t sound too dramatic, but in reality it was pretty horrific. A number of incidents happened, some low on the stress and upset radar, others pretty high up there, emotionally.

There was one thing in particular (not that any didn’t hit hard) that really hit me in the gut: a nasty and malicious review on my page. It sounds very simple and just nothing but it was regarding an incident that occurred 4 years ago and the person (after various other nasty behaviours three years ago where I had to get the police involved) out of the blue wrote a ‘review’. It knocked me sideways to say the least. I immediately switched off my reviews and once again contacted the police.

I found myself looking everywhere, suspecting everyone, and questioning everything I did. On top of other things that were happening at the time, it was really horrible. I pulled back, struggled, and attempted to just move forward.

Then, just a few weeks before my time off, I got a card. A thank you card from one of my owners. I hadn’t done anything particularly special, not in my eyes anyway. It was just a card to say thank you for taking care of their dog. And it was wonderful to receive.

It made me stop and think about what I do and why I do it. How important my job really is to people and despite one person saying horrible and nasty things, the people in my life, the people who’s animals I take care of (person who wrote the review had never had their pet taken care of by me) are incredibly important. Its their opinions that matter.

Along with the card that week, I’d had a video too from another owner that really made me smile. I also received another message from an owner who sent me details of what their dog was doing on holiday. other gifts as thank you's and hand written notes.

So, I thought I’d start back with a positive post and say a massive thank you to all my owners who tell me regularly, and out of the blue, just how much I mean to them and their pet. Because it means the world to me. The Cambridge dog Lodge is not just a job or a business; it is a vocation and way of life.

Thank you !


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