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A Bus Ride - Puppy Diaries

Last week we went on an adventure with Ren and Chester. We took a bus ride to Hyde town centre!

Ok, it doesn't sound that exciting but let me tell you, the most simple things in life can well and truly provide you with so much joy. This little adventure certainly did me and Vicky with these two little pupstars.

We decided that even though we might not go on buses very often, we would go on a bus ride to the local town centre. This not only provides our dogs with a new experience to help their brains grow and develop, but it also shows them not to be fearful of buses whether they get on them or not, and it was also a good bonding exercise for owner and dog.

When the bus arrived they were nervous to get on but they we gave them encouragement, provided high value treats, and on they got. We went right to the back - of course we did, we are cool after all. And both pups were sniffing and looking and watching. What surprised me the most was that they didn't take long to gain their bus legs! The bus didn't go too fast but it was moving unexpectedly and they both just stood their all chill.

Before long they were just sat there watching people get on and off the bus.

The bus ride actually helped both Ren and Chester. For Ren it helped her to see that people can sit near her and pass her and they are not going to get in her face or try and bother her. For Chester he could see that people are there, passing him, talking, moving around, and they are not there to give him attention.

We got to Hyde and had a little walk around the market area first. We are able to go to many lovely rural walks where we live so find ourselves not talking the dogs into the town or near the shops, but we should really take them to these places. For those people who take their dogs on holiday with them, there is going to be at least one day where you will go to a local time. I know if we surprised Ren with this in the future and we hadn't been to a town, she would really struggle. Starting now at a young age with all these experiences not only helps them to cope in a positive way, but like I said above, assists their brains to grow and develop.

Again the town centre was not only good for a new experience - new sounds, sights, things going on - but also that there are people around, people going about their business, people who may say 'awwww' at the puppies, but no one came over and said hello or try and touch them. Both pups gained so much from this. So much so that both of them walked confidently and casually past people.

We want to be able to take the pups to dog friendly venues and for them to sit patiently. We know asking them to sit and be patient at the moment for a length of time is asking a lot, so we are trying to visit places that are quick and easy. This time we went to Costa for a coffee and a cake, and thankfully they have outside under cover chairs and tables. They even got their own costa (water) which they very happily shared. Ren and Chester were so good because not only were we sat down and not moving anywhere, but there was people and dogs passing plus cars and even more noises.

After our coffees we made our way back to the bus station to get our bus home.

We waited for our bus and when it came both Ren and Chester happily got on, no problem. This time we couldn't sit at the back, but in the middle, which meant people were passing and paying no attention to the pups.

You can see here Ren enjoyed people watching.

Then getting off at our stop they just took it in their stride and waited. They knew what they were doing more than we did!

Vicky and me were full of smiles when we got off the bus knowing the adventure had been a success for the pups, and it had been a fantastic bonding exercise for us with them. We must have been on the bus for 10 minutes so it wasn't a very long journey.

I would recommend everyone with a puppy to plan and do this. You don't have to go far. It can provide so much for you and your young dog. Plan it, find out the bus times, make sure you know there is a little café that is dog friendly and head there once off the bus. I promise you it will be joyful and you will want to tell everyone about you and your pups trip on the bus.


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