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Ren and Chester - Puppy Diaries

My plan for this next puppy diary was about names, but today Ren and Chester went out on a adventure together and I just couldn't wait to post!

Me and Chester's mum, Vicky, decided that we would get these two pupstars out and about together on adventures, socialising, visiting dog friendly venues, experiencing and learning the world, and most importantly having lots and lots of fun together!

Chester is a very gorgeous Cocker Spaniel who is a few weeks younger than Ren and for their first adventure together we went to a local venue called Bees Coffee Pot. Its on Harrop Edge in Hyde and it is super dog friendly.

We only had a latte each this time, which we would highly recommend. They do serve food and it looked pretty tasty. They had benches with and without covers and the views were breath taking. Plenty of parking too though it is a nice walk up there.

Before we got a coffee, we thought we'd go for a little walk and some off lead time. I can not tell you how lovely it was to see our pups play together. Chester is very laid back, and Ren is bossy, but Ren learned not to go too far with Chester and Chester learned that rolling down a hill was so much fun!

Both pups have been practising their recall separately so we first started with their leads on and then we took them off to give them some more freedom.

They made us both so proud. They played and chased. Came back when we asked, walked by our sides and even went over a style. They saw sheep and horses for the first time, played in a new field together, and sat at the café whilst other people and dogs were there.

Ren and her bestie Chester

Isn't Chester just so gorgeous?

Getting a puppy is pretty special, no matter how times you do it. Me and Vicky for the first time just so happen to have a puppy at the same time so we are going to make the most of it together.

I make no apologies for ALL the photos - see more on Kooiker_ren instagram page


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1 Comment

Jan 23, 2023

They are both beautiful, love the photos X

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