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Penny was clever. She knew every word I said. We often had 'conversations'. She would reply with a look of 'I am sorry Georgia, I wont do that again, wink wink' or 'but that other dog is so stupid!' Which I would respond with 'yes, I know, so that means you have to be extra nice'.

I had a link with her that could sound odd but was there. Just before my nan died in 2015, I met Penny the same day as I saw my nan for the last time. I do not know why because Penny and my nan never met, but there was definitely a connection. So each time I walked Penny, it was like I walked with my nan too.

Penny was cheeky and clever and funny and crafty. And I loved her very much. She brought something with her on every walk. We had a lot of fun walks together and ones where I could scream - remember the pee dripping on me from a great height? That was Penny.

She was diagnosed in July 2021 with cancer and for the last 10 months she has had the best palliative care any dog, animal, or human, could have, but on Monday 23rd May it was time to say goodbye. I was invited round and I saw her the one last time that afternoon. I wont lie, I cried a lot and I really didn't want to leave her. But it was her time.

Penny was only 8 but she had a wonderful fulfilled life. She was incredibly loved. I know her family will miss her tremendously. And so will we.

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