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Mum and Nanna Visit - Puppy Diaries

On Sunday we had a lovely visit with Ren's mum (Bitz) and Nanna (Kea) and their owner Chanette. Ren as you can imagine went absolutely bonkers when she saw Chanette! Jumping all over her, giving her kisses, and weeing all over her shoes!

The plan is to show Ren so Chanette came over to help with some training (well, that is what the excuse was she used). Ren loves learning new things and thankfully she understands quite quick what we ask her to do. Kooikers are a working dog so they have a very active brain and I find it a pleasure to teach her new things.

Helping a dog learn is not only good for your dog, but it's good for you too. It enhances your bond with your pet, enhances their well being and you get to communicate together. I don't actually think there is anything better. Its pure joy.

We went for a lovely walk afterwards where they got to explore Ren's local area together.

We'll be doing plenty of other walks and training together.

Its wonderful to watch her interact with other dogs but its quite special to see her with her own family and Chanette.


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