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Dog Lodge in Bloom

I am not going to lie, this past week has been a tough one. I wont bore you with all the details except one of them: Guy (then I promise I will tell you something positive, well to be fair, Guys story turns out positive). And to make it even more happy, I thought I would start with Barney with a flower in her hair

So lets talk about Guy. Guy came into our lives last September when we adopted him from Pets At Home. We are not huge fans of buying animals from there but we went in for something else and there he was. An ex breeding bunny and 2 years old, and stressed from everyone calling to him and staring at him, we just couldn't leave him there. He has lived as a house bunny ever since.

I found a lump on his mouth on Tuesday morning and knew straight away it wasn't something trivial. I managed to get him in the vets that day and before we know it was booked in for dental surgery and abscess removal the next day.

Now rabbits really struggle with being under anaesthetic and then find it difficult to recover, so you can imagine I was very apprehensive. Guy is a gorgeous boy who is gentle and is a very happy house bunny. We did try and give him a cage and run outside (like the girl bunnies have) but he wasn't keen, and he ended up back inside. Even Willow did a happy dance when he came back in! And who ever meets him just say he really is the loveliest boy. Even the vets and nurses loved him. He surprises everyone who comes into contact with him.

Any way, back to his op. he had to go in at 8.30 am and we wouldn't pick him up till 6 pm. he surprised everyone when I got him because he was very happily eating. Here's a link to a video on YouTube of Guy the day after. He was running round like nothing at all had happened! However, despite his recovery we have to clean his wound and pack it with manuka honey (posh bunny) and loxicom twice a day and also give him a syringe with antibiotics in once a day. Until it heels! Long road ahead but we'll get there.

I said he looks a little like The Joker.

Anyway, it is going to take him some time to recover so as usual he is ensuring all focus is on him.

We decided after this week, we would get some Vitamin G - gardening! Our new garden needs a very lot of work and not just work, but hard work!

Doesn't look much but that area was like a desert and covered in nasty horse hair weeds and the ground was thick clay. We already have bees coming in today - which is no mean feat as there was no flowers at all so no bees here. They would fly on past, I even saw them doing it. But not any more; bees have officially moved in! bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

And I can't resist showing everyone our lovely find yesterday...

How gorgeous is this painting? And I am seriously considering when fuel becomes too high, transporting the dogs this way.

Here's to a new week, filled with joy and less worrisome.

Georgia xx

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