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Dog Friendly Ingleton Waterfalls

Over the weekend my friend Vicky and I took a trip to Ingleton. We went to walk the waterfall trail. We both needed some time away where we could clear our heads. And what a wonderful place we chose to visit.

The nature and peaceful surroundings along with the magnificent waterfalls was just perfect. There is something about water and the sound it produces. It really does make me feel at peace. If we had had more time, I think the pair of us would have sat there all day watching the water movement and the sound it made. It gets down deep into your soul.

And of course there is the green, the many variations of green I might add, that is medicine for our mental health.

But! We didn't take the dogs! I know, what was we thinking?! But as luck would have it Remy and his lovely owners, Jess and Josh, went a day or so later! Which is perfect because he can give us the perfect photos needed to show how lovely it was for a dog to visit too.

As you can see Remy had a fantastic time at Ingleton Waterfalls. We saw lots of dogs - but not too many - whilst we were on the walk and it was a great walk for them.

Thank you to Jess and Remy to allow me to use the photos.

For those who would like to do go, it is a 4.5 mile walk, along rugged but safe paths in the Yorkshire country side. As you can see from the photographs from both myself and Remy, you get to see a variety of beautiful sights. It's a nice area of stunning natural beauty. You pay £8 per ticket and its worth every penny. Below is the link:

I'd love to hear about your trip if you have been or do go. Don't forget sturdy shoes or boots and even a picnic and a drink if you feel like it, though there is an ice cream van half way round plus a lovely little cafe. Plenty of spots to sit and enjoy the views.

Georgia x

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My favourite I took from our weekend and I had to share...

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