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Back from hols....

We are back from our 'holidays' - or staycation - where we did a few bits here and there, went to a festival, saw a show, watched the jubilee celebrations (I am unashamedly a massive royalist) and worked on the house. Whilst this morning felt like I had achieved nothing (it was complete nonsense) it was a lovely and productive week.

We got to see the play that goes wrong and had our own drama before hand by going to the wrong theatre then getting in the wrong seats!

We celebrated with Queen and her Corgis

Willow and Barney had their haircut at Pampered Paws and looking super gorgeous as they always do when they visit the lovely Helen.

I cant take credit for their gorgeous bows

But I did make some bandanas for them....pair of posers.

went to a festival and of course we had to buy bucket hats!

Even the hens got patriotic....

Now back to work! A few from today.

I hope you all had a great week and enjoyed the long bank holiday whether jubilee related or making the most and made memories together.

and here's the cake I am always proud of...

Have a great week x

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