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Big Walk Mondays

The First Monday Big Walk


Today we started the big walks. What we wanted to do was offer the opportunity for the dogs we look after to go on an extended walk with us in different locations around the area. We want them to run, play, get muddy and explore. For the first one and to start it all off we decided to walk around Bottoms and Valehouse Reservoir. It’s a route of approximately 6km and offers woodlands, hills and plenty of water to splash in.

Our first walking buddies were Remy and Gyles and with us I took Barney to act as dog sherper; she has walked around these reservoir many times and knows the way well. She also know where to get in and where she go leave the main path and explore.

The three of them bounced out of the car very excited to get going, they didn’t even want to pose for a picture before we started. So we walked away from the car park leads on, clean, dry and ready for adventure. Once we were away from the carpark and on to the footpath, the leads came off and the freedom of the open trail beckoned. Remy and Giles started to explore, while Barney ran forward calling her friends to follow as she knows the way.

The birds called from the branches as the water gently lapped at the shore, Remy wanted to see where the water was, so standing on his hind legs he looked over the wall then bounded away to look for a route in. Gyles meanwhile was snuffling through the undergrowth, following new scents and looking for what exciting possible friends may have made them. Further up the track Barney was waiting impatient to get to the water, she knows the way and she knows we aren’t close enough yet for her to go paddling.

A little further along the track, the path forks. Stay left and you snake away from the reservoir, go right and you can get easily to the waters edge and all the doggy fun that, that can provide. Before I could make a choice the decision had already been made as my three furry companions dived to the right path and straight into the water.

The fact that it was raining made no difference to them as they splashed through the water barking with joy.

We were now reaching the end of Bottoms Reservoir and walking along the dam at the end and Barney shot off down the hill. Something small round and green had caught her eye. And now her sherper’s role was out the window as a ball had been located and no took all her attention. For Barney now nothing else mattered every couple of steps I had to throw her new toy. But unfortunately for Barney, Gyles also liked the ball so a new game ensued between them both. Meanwhile Remy was happy to shadow me until the next opportunity for splashy fun arose. His chance came a bit further round when we reach the old slipway, once used by a local sailing club. Remy paddled, Barney and Gyles went swimming and Barney was very happy her new ball floated.

After the swim we walked on towards Valehouse the second reservoir of our adventure. Along the route around this one there is less chance for a swim. But there are wooded banks that gave Gyles plenty of places to explore while Barney kept requesting for her ball to be thrown all the while Remy was having a gentle stroll and looked as if he was just enjoying the air and scenery. Valehouse is longer than Bottoms with a sharp climb at the end to reach the top of the dam unfortunately here we had to say goodbye to the freedom of adventure and return to leads, as we were entering farmland and the farmers were moving a flock of sheep along the top of the dam.

The remainder of the walk was now on roads and farm tracks so no more chance for exploring and we just had the rain in our faces as we walk back towards the carpark and some nice dry towels. As we reached the end, we were wet, muddy and from the looks of their furry faces very satisfied with the big walk and ready to go home to see there mums and dads and in Remy’s case his little sister.

Ben x

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