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New Beginnings!

Who would have thought that selling a house (after 18 years), testing positive for covid on New Year Eves and then packing the house up and moving into a new house (that was filthy!) with no time off, would have such a significant impact on my well being and give me such exhaustion?! But it’s been two months now since we moved in so I don’t feel I can use that ‘excuse’ anymore and it’s time to get back to this and share news and information, a newsletter almost, which is why I’ve called it new beginnings.

Some nice news to begin with ….

After talking about getting a tortoise for a very VERY long time, we finally did it and I went and picked up this little guy. Orinoco was 5 months when we got him and he is 6 and half now. Nearly 4 inches wide and put on 10 grams in weight! Dandelion flowers are his favourite, and he actually comes running over when he sees one.

Yesterday we picked up 3 new rescue hens. Currently they are very camera shy, but I am sure it won’t be long before they will be posing for the camera just like the other ladies.

Important Messages

I don’t always check my facebook page for messages so if there is anything important to let me know about or ask me, please text me on 07854085663. During working hours especially Ill be able to see the message and Ill reply as soon as I can. Whilst I am out and about during the day, I usually only check messages on my facebook page first thing in the morning or when I get home before 5.


This week saw my first week without Sarah. It has been 4 years since Sarah started working with me. We have had lots of adventures, lots of laughs, lots of tears, lots of rain, quite a bit of sunshine (I know, shock!) quite a bit of snow and a very lot of windy days!

As many of you will know, Sarah made the decision a few months ago to move on (she’s not admitted this, but I really think it’s all about the rain) and take her working life in a different direction.

Please join me in wishing Sarah well on her new working adventure.

Holidays and future bookings

Also, as I’ve hinted to above, a combination of all the changes we have experienced in the last 5 months, has been very exhausting and I have struggled especially, to get on top of the posts, answering queries, keeping people up to date with my website, so please bear with me. With this in mind I am no longer taking any new dog walking/dog boarding clients on till at least next year. For all of those who are boarding later on in the year who have not stayed before, don’t panic, your dogs can still stay and if you contact me in the coming weeks, we can book them in for visits and socialising with us.

Our holidays are as follows:


I’ve been considering for some time now putting my prices up. It’s not something I actually want to do, and I’ve been accessing the rise in car fuel and other living cost prices for the last few months.

In all the 9 years I’ve had my business I’ve never put my walking or pet visit prices up, they’ve always been the same. And as for daycare, I put that up once 4/5 years ago.

I understand that everything is going up for everyone, even things that has no reason to increase their prices! Taking advantage of the situation. And this is having a huge impact on everyone in very severe ways. But I sadly don’t think I can keep our prices the same for much longer.

As of 1st July 2022.

30 minute dog walks will be 8.50

1 hour group walks will be £12.00

Daycare will be increasing but I will be contacting owners individually.

Pet visits will go to £8.00/£12.50

Boarding prices will currently stay the same and will not change.

I do apologise for having to do this, but I sadly don’t have very much choice in the current climate.

So, there we have it, a round up of all the news and I will soon be getting up to date with all the posts I promised to post asap.

Georgia x

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